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All of us working in the Artemi concept believe that Confectionery is Art. Applying all our know-how and artistry, we present specialized categories & product lines for professional use aiming to become the best partner of the confectioner, the pastry chef and the technician on their daily creations!
Artemi has been created based on qualities such as passion, technique and know-how targeted to the modern confectioners, who wish to be inspired and enhance their creativity. Simple but high quality raw materials combined with high techniques can result in exceptional creations!

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Artegourmet - Glazings & Exceptional Fillings

A Five-Star line guaranteeing a superb gastronomic experience. Indispensable ingredients for pastry when a brilliant effect along with an exceptional taste and mouthfeel is desired. Special ingredients have been selected for these special products.

Artecrem - Spreadable Fillings & Coatings

A line of products with smooth and fine texture, of constant high quality, easy to spread and blend, with strong taste.

Artebis - Firm Fillings & Hard Coatings

Spreads of firm texture ideal for a 'matt' effect and hard coating application, they form a nice coating easy to cut without making cracking on the surface finish.

Artebake - Bake Stable Fillings

A line specially designed to be stable in the oven. Products that are freezestable and ideal to be used as fillings before baking. They retain their intense flavor and texture properties after baking.

Artenutty - Flavoring Pastes

A product line of highly concentrated nut pastes. The products of this line are the ideal ingredients to give a rich nutty taste to your snacks and confectionery.

Artepan - Nut / Sugar Pastes

Products of plastic texture that can be formed in any shape either for decorating or coating applications. They can be used as firm fillings in pastry as well as main ingredients for a wide range of bakery products.

Artegusto - Water Based Fillings & Sauces

A tempting line of water based ingredients that can be used to add rich flavors and refined aromas to your preparations. These products grant your flexibility in creating personalized and unique recipes. Ideal products for pastry and ice cream making.

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